Dr Liz Brown

Medical Director

Dr Liz Brown is a truly truly great person whose roots are firmly embedded in the wet wilds of Lancashire.  Seduced by the increased hours of sun and the then fine Indie music scene she defected over the Pennine Wall to the East and went to University in Leeds.  Her ancestors have yet to forgive her.  Her itchy feet took her to work her way around the world in the middle of her medical degree and for reasons that are not always apparent she returned and finally graduated in 1998.  She stayed in Yorkshire, albeit with further forays to work in other countries, completing her MRCP and then Specialty Training.  With all this travelling multicultural Harrogate seemed a natural fit and she took up her first consultant post there working across hospital, community and hospice settings.  She became the Medical Director of Saint Michael’s Hospice, Harrogate in 2014, from which the hospice is still recovering.  With two children aged 5 and 7, an interest in stained glass, the ukulele and the works of Andy Stanton she has become an adept life juggler apart from Xmas, birthdays, the last week of term and perhaps World Book Day and most Fridays.  Maybe Tuesdays too.