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Biography - Kathryn Mannix

Kathryn Mannix trained in palliative medicine and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and worked as a consultant in palliative medicine in the North East of England. She has served as consultant in hospice, community and hospital settings; established a Cognitive Therapy service for palliative care patients and family members; developed ‘CBT First Aid’ training locally that was subsequently cascaded nationally; and worked to integrate a palliative care approach into long-term conditions pathways.

She took early retirement to work out how to contribute to changing public (mis)understanding of dying; by a lucky chance, one of her early radio interviews led to a book offer. The reception of her book, ‘With the End in Mind,’ has caused her some astonishment by becoming a Sunday Times best-seller, being shortlisted for the Wellcome Book Prize and becoming The Sunday Times ‘Thought’ Book of the 2018.

She’s been astonished and delighted by messages of appreciation from readers all over the world who have been comforted as they faced death, or consoled in bereavement, by a book of simple stories about how people live while they happen to be dying. It seems the world wants to know.

As a founder member of the APM, it’s her honour to come back to her ‘tribe’ to consider together how we can help people to know more, and so become less afraid.

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