Dr Jon Ives

Biography - Jon Ives

Jon is a Reader in Empirical Bioethics and Deputy Director of the University of Bristol’s Centre for Ethics in Medicine, as well as Co-Director of postgraduate research at Bristol Medical School.  His work is located in the field of Bioethics and covers a broad spectrum of topics and methodologies.  He is an interdisciplinary researcher, trained in both Philosophical and Social Science research methods, with experience in a range of mixed-method research.  His interests, however, are focussed on normative questions around biomedicine and healthcare.  He has published widely on the theory and methodology of Empirical Bioethics, and this methodological work finds expression and application in a variety of Bioethics topics.  Jon has published on, inter alia; the ethics of fathers and families; reproductive ethics; end of life ethics; research ethics; ethics and methodology in clinical trial design; the ethics of medical education; mental health.  He is Section Editor (Methodology) for BMC Medical Ethics and Associate Editor (Methods) for Health Care Analysis, and co-editor of ‘Empirical Bioethics: Theoretical and Practical perspectives’ published by Cambridge University Press.  Current research projects he is involved in include the Wellcome Trust Funded ‘BABEL’ project exploring best interest decision making in healthcare ethics and law, and various projects looking at research ethics in Sri Lanka (Wellcome Trust, MRC).