Homeward Bound

Seth Goodburn

Homeward Bound is play about love, relationships, empathy and compassion at end of life. It follows the story of Seth and Lesley Goodburn through the thirty three short and heartbreaking days from Seth’s diagnosis with late stage pancreatic cancer to his untimely death. The play was written based on the diary and letters written to healthcare professionals by Lesley after Seth died explaining how it felt to go overnight from a normal life to a terminal diagnosis and how person and family centred compassionate care is essential.

The play was commissioned by the National Council for Palliative Care – now part of Hospice UK – to help healthcare professionals to reflect on their practice and take active steps to make small person and family centred changes to improve end of life care. It aims to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer signs and symptoms, help people understand the issues when there is a late diagnosis with a short prognosis and to improve communication and compassionate care at end of life.

Educational resources
Lesley Goodburn

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The Actors

Brian Daniels
Actor and Playwright

Sophie Turner

Order copies of the play and resource pack

You can purchase a copy of the play on DVD along with an accompanying resource pack from the Hospice UK online shop: https://shop.hospiceuk.org/products/homeward-bound-educational-resource-pack Or contact Hospice UK at [email protected]

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