Chris Pointon

Chris Pointon

Opening Plenary: The #hellomynameis Story – Through Adversity Comes Legacy

Date: Thursday 15 March
Time: 10:15 – 11:15
Room: Tregonwell Hall

Chris Pointon is a healthcare campaigner and husband of Kate Granger, the geriatrician, author and NHS patient who sadly passed away in July 2016 due to a rare form of incurable cancer. Kate led the “Hello my name is…” campaign, which drew on her own encounters as a patient following the time in August 2013 she was admitted to hospital and she noticed that many of the staff looking after her didn’t introduce themselves before delivering care. Encouraged by Chris to “stop whinging and do something” after discussing it with him, she did exactly this, and ended up becoming the face of a compassionate care campaign that changed the world.

Chris now continues the work that they started across the world giving talks on the journey of both him and Kate along with the birth and subsequent journey of #hellomynameis

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